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Top 10 old movies for kids10 old movies for children: when you want to see a movie and you feel like a real classic that you remember from childhood, think of an old movie for kids that you’ve seen maybe a dozen times on TV when ridges.

How many movies with children you know that they are in dangerous situations in which they do not mind swearing or they’re facing imminent death? Here are some children’s films of the ’80s that makes us frighten and hide under the coverlet!

The Goonies (1985) is one of the most violent movies with children. When a lot of children are in danger because of a strange man-child who has spent most of his life locked in a cellar, things will not get better. Children of 13 years barely manage to keep alive and thriller will keep you up to the last minutes of the film blown.

Adventures in Babysitting (1987) is an movie for children where adventure is at home. Characters: a young beautiful, sexy father and three children, two teenagers and an 8 year old, are drawn into a scuffle between gangs, are assaulted by various mobs and hunted by bad thieves. Realistically, the characters would have died within 20 minutes of the start of the film, but considering that it’s a kids movie, things end well.

The Last Starfighter (1984) is a science fiction movie for childrens that tells the story of Alex, a teenage boy from a trailer park who has talent and arcade games that get the chance to be a space battle to decide the fate of an intergalactic war. An old film easily and help whole families to spend fun time together and relaxing.

The Monster Squad (1987) is one of the best old movies for children with horror elements. A group of kids who love horror movies monsters are the main characters. They are caught in the midst of horror events when their favorite monsters come to life and they need to remember details to save the city from the evil. Young people are often in huge danger because Dracula, Mummy and Gill Ma are always on their tracks, but they keeps composure and manage to destroy every monster in hand!

Little Monsters (1989) is a comedy about monsters that live under the beds of childerns and coming to light at night when the kids are asleep. Things take a turn for the sinister when smiles and laughter are replaced with screams of terror as Fred Savage must release his younger brother from Boy, a leader of the sinister and scary monsters. If children do not escape from the world of monsters until morning, they will remain there forever!

One of the funniest movies for and with children of the 80’s is Gremlins, this, becoming a cult classic. Gremlins are the most delicious and sympathetic villains in the film world, even if women are throwed out the window, set fire to buildings and cars destroyed houses. Gizmo is the cutest of them being the cutest and good hairy pet from them that helps his human friends to defeat the wickeds Gremlins Flight of the Navigator (1986) is another science fiction film for children in which a 12 year old boy is abducted by aliens and then returned to Earth after eight years.

He still remains the very same age as when he was abducted and remembers nothing of what happened. Of course, on its journey, the boy learn some useful and important things. But who knows what happened to the child who disappeared eight years and was the guinea pig for the aliens? What is worse is that scientists are trying to find out why the child is not getting old and becomes their guinea pig!

Labyrinth (1986) is a bizarre fantasy movie that has as protagonist a girl of 15 who wants her little brother to disappear into the arms of Jareth, the goblin king. However, she regrets it and embarks on an adventure in which, if not out of the labyrinth goblin in 13 hours, her brother will be turned into a goblin.

The Wizard (1989) is one of the craziest movies for kids in the 80’s. It shows an institutionalized child whose past has marked for life because he saw his sister died drowned, who runs away from home with stepbrother to join the Nintendo tournament. Three small children who travel around the country to get to a tournament and go through all sorts of adventures which, more dangerous.

And E.T. the Alien (1982) belongs among the most beloved films. A true classic family film tells the story of a child who meets an alien who wants to get home. The two go through all sorts of adventures in an attempt to hide his new friend and find a way for it to call his friends and go home. In addition, grown men never understand what compassion means and everything that is foreign is analyzed and quarantined in laboratories.

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