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Canopy Memory Foam Mattress TopperCanopy Memory Foam Mattress Topper comes in varying thickness and lengths.There was a time when it was believed that one should sleep on firm beds but this theory has given way to the new thinking that comfort is of prime importance. For those people who get up with a backache or some stiffness, a mattress topper is just the thing they need.

These come in various sizes for twin beds, full size, queen and king size. Further they are available in varying thickness from 1.5? to 4? allowing you to choose according to the comfort level you need. Additionally it has a hypoallergenic cover that can be removed and washed.

Why Use A Canopy Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are spread over your mattress to provide extra comfort for a better sleeping experience at night. Though, mattress toppers are filled with different types of materials there is a definite advantage in using memory foam mattress topper as it molds with body contours.

This ably supports your body, especially your spine, without causing any stiffness in the morning. It ensures that there is less pressure at the bony parts like hips and shoulders so that you can sleep comfortably. The best part is that no permanent indent is formed with regular use and it retains its natural shape.

It gives you a luxurious feel and helps you to sleep soundly throughout the night without tossing about in trying to get comfortable. It can be used with an old stiff mattress to add comfort without having to spend too much. Otherwise, if you use it with a new mattress you will get additional comfort as well as protect your new mattress from spills and stains. One thing that you can be sure of with a Canopy Memory Foam Mattress Topper is that you will get up fully rested in the morning.

Okay, towards the foam bed mattress now. At Sam’s club we spotted at $150 bed mattress topper that looked fairly great but we elected not to spring for this at that time. These days at Walmart we spotted an identical bed mattress topper and wound up acquiring it. It is a Canopy 4” Hypo-allergenic Foam Bed mattress Topper. There happen to be also 1 and a pair of inch cake toppers for more affordable but we figured the thicker the foam the firmer it may well be.

Operates out regardless of us getting some inch bed mattress topper we basically really get 1.five inches of foam material a different two.5 inches is just “base foam” that may be merely squishy and does not give you help whatsoever.

We’re pretty peeved. As well because the size we bought was “queen” having said that the actual foam topper is in fact an inch brief on each and every edge so it doesn’t cover the bed mattress fully.

Definitely we’re not 100% pleased applying this acquire. We’ll be resting on it tonight just to create certain there’s completely no way it is “the awesome bed mattress topper” we believe it truly is. Then we’ll be coming back it.

Oh, wait! The location that consists of the directions recommends from the “newness” scent from the foam. They’re saying to air the bed mattress topper out for 8 hrs just before use. Furthermore they state that some shoppers could possibly be specially responsive for the “newness” scent and could need to discontinue use and return the merchandise.

Canopy four? Foam Bed mattress Topper to place on the leading in our current Full-sized bed mattress. After I initially drawn it as they are, I placed it around the residing room floor to ensure that it may possibly expand from getting yourself inside the packaging. My little two-years old boy right away loved lounging onto it! I laid on it also – wow, it had been so comfortable! We wound up watching a film like a family naturally we all laid on our new bed mattress topper on the ground.

The Canopy Foam Bed mattress Topper adjusts to physique and actions. It’s two layers – a couple.5? base foam with 1.five? of visco-elastic foam. Involving your two layers, you may come across several channels that permit continuous air flow that guarantees comfort via the night lengthy. Also, the package features a hypo-allergenic, zippered, 100% cotton cover durability and protection from the foam bed mattress.

My only complaint is definitely the reality that Canopy could possibly have carried out a bit greater by growing the width by a couple of?. The bed mattress topper is just slightly more compact than our full-sized bed mattress, but that’s not really an enormous deal. The bed mattress cake toppers are available in most dimensions from Twin to King, and are offered in a number of thicknesses – from 1.five? to eight?!!!

I possibly could not believe the added comfort the Canopy Foam Bed mattress Topper presented to our bed mattress for this type of minimal expense! I’d suggest it to anybody for just about any size bed mattress. We sleep significantly deeper and and don’t like resting on any other types of beds now. Plus, it’s not necessary to get a brand new mortgage within your home merely to purchase a bed mattress!

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